Efficient access to the operating system command-line interface ― works from anywhere and instantly. Whether the resource is at any physical location or networking environment ― home or workplace, data centre, containerized or virtualized environment, including IoT ― platform-neutral way.

You can also share your command-line interface with others to move faster, or ask someone else to help.

Similar to screen sharing services, but with this solution the pipes are shared. You wouldn't believe. This is it. 



Have you ever had to share a command-line interface with someone else?

With CloudShell™, you can easily share the command-line interface of remote operating systems ― it can be any containerized platform such as Kubernetes, Docker or Hyper-V cloud instances or any on-premise including IoT.

Strong security

Secure and private communication channel via SSL/TLS with a client-side certificate, AES encryption applicable


Low latency, real-time WebSocket and WebRTC based communication with network transient management

On-demand or continuous use

Ad-hoc use or even continuous service mode can be set up,  in some cases, even a browser is enough


Available on Linux, macOS, Microsoft and any containerized applications or services platform, including IoT

Multiple shell

Support for PowerShell, Bash, Z shell and other standard applications based on classic input and output


It handles complex network topology, including firewalls, subnets and proxy, in a standard way



What is CloudShell™ in nutshell?

A command-line interface is an operating system shell that uses alphanumeric characters typed on a keyboard to provide instructions and data to the operating system, interactively.

Command-line shells require the user to be familiar with commands and their calling syntax and to understand concepts about the shell-specific scripting language ― for example Bash, Z shell, PowerShell.

Command-line interfaces are accessible through standard interfaces ― you can give them input through standard interfaces and pass the result of the processing through standard output channels and pipes ― whether processed by a machine or human interface.

With CloudShell™, you can easily connect your machines in a standard way, accessing their standard input, standard output and standard error pipes ― stdin, stdout, stderr ― over secure SSL/TLS, with WebSocket technologies and WebRTC technologies.

CloudShell™ is a service that makes the devices and applications you own accessible anywhere in the world, securely and effortlessly. It enables encrypted point-to-point connections using WebSocket and WebRTC data channel, bi-directional protocol, which means devices on your network can communicate with each other peer-to-peer. The contents of the standard input, output and error pipes ― stdin, stdout, stderr ― of the linked command-line interfaces only travel between the endpoints, are not visible in the CloudShell™ service centre, and cannot be accessed.


CloudShell™ downloads

Platform-neutral downloads are available for Linux, macOS, Microsoft and in any containerized platform ― Azure, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker. ARM architecture is also supported.

During installation, follow the instructions, if necessary add execute permission, then use the cloudshell command. 



Install with PowerShell or download URL

powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "[scriptblock]::Create((Invoke-WebRequest "").Content).Invoke();"




Install with one command

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(/usr/bin/curl -fsSL"


Install with one command

curl -fsSL

Docker and Kubernetes

Install with one command

curl -fsSL



Who is it for?

Developers can use CloudShell™ to publish and manage pilot services for their team without the hassle of setting up firewall rules and network configurations. They can quickly navigate between the development, testing and pre-production layers and easily participate in the operation of live systems.

Small business owners can provide a secure way for their employees working from home to access sensitive resources and devices in minutes without having to maintain dedicated staff. With CloudShell™ remote access, travel costs associated with critical industrial systems can be eliminated and SLAs can remain high.

Business leaders can reduce their security risk by drastically reducing the complexity of their internal networks. All users have exactly the level of access they need ― administrators can log in instantly, support staff can log in with appropriate privileges, and developers can connect remote programs to their systems instantly.

For incubation and innovation companies, using CloudShell™ is a great way to dramatically increase efficiency and eliminate investment costs ― upfront and operational ― by creating a real DevOps operation from the start. Application integration can be created using the simple API.

CloudShell™ as a service

CloudShell™ service is hosted on redundant servers from industry-leading ISPs ― with high availability, 7x24 operation, including expert staff support. WebService based service over SSL/TLS secure communication channel: wss://

The CloudShell™ service can be deployed in the operating environment of any platform provider ― including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean and IBM Bluemix ― so you can host your CloudShell™ service for your organisation, either as an existing on-premises or public-private cloud service. If you want to host your CloudShell™ service for your organisation, please contact us.

This browser can also be used as a CloudShell™ member that can connect to another member. When this page is opened, a unique member ID is randomly assigned. If you want to use the CloudShell™ browser client with a fixed member ID, you can also specify the desired member ID as a URL parameter ― for example

The two parties share their member ID before connecting ― and the remote member, you would connect to must have your unique member ID pre-enabled.

When used in a browser environment, the CloudShell™ browser client will open in a new browser window ― opening a new window may be blocked by default by some internet browsers, which will ask for confirmation before opening. The reason for using a new browser window is that it allows you to connect to multiple members in parallel.

When you want to connect to a remote member, the remote shell can simply be an application that also has a standard input and output interface. "ping -c 20" is also an application that returns the result of running the ping command 20 times on the remote machine ― so this command could also be a remote application that we connect to. You can also specify this ping command as a custom application for the CloudShell™ browser client.

*The LIVE DEMO feature button on the website allows you to instantly connect to an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS operating system running in a Docker container ― the operating system PowerShell console is provided by the CloudShell™ browser client. To verify the above, you can enter some commands: "lsb_release -a", "uptime", "Get-Process" and other PowerShell commands.

**To prevent CloudShell™ browser client from being deactivated, add it to your "Always keep these sites active" exclusion list –

Current members


*the current number of clients connected by CloudShell™ personal Free services. Average of the last 15 minutes. The value is updated periodically.


We are trusted by leading industry players

CloudShell™ is compatible with products from leading industry solution providers ― whether on-premise, hybrid or cloud solution platforms.

Google Cloud
Amazon Web Services


Choose a plan that
fits your requirments




Start with free trial. No credit card needed. Cancel at anytime.

1 GB Data transfer

25 Devices

TLS/SSL channel

Optional AES encryption 

Custom Domain name

24/7 Support

* Can be converted to Team or Business




Start with free trial. No credit card needed. Cancel at anytime.

20 GB Data transfer

250 Devices

TLS/SSL channel

Optional AES encryption

Custom Domain name

24/7 Support

* Billed as $480 yearly (auto-renewal)




Start with free trial. No credit card needed. Cancel at anytime.

Unlimited GB Data transfer

Unlimited Devices 

TLS/SSL channel

Optional AES encryption

Custom Domain name

24/7 Support

* Billed as $960 yearly (auto-renewal)


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